Structure of No. 1 Fuel Injection Pump Governor Used in Diesel Generator Set 2021-04-19
The No. 1 fuel injection pump governor used in the diesel generator set is a mechanical full-range governor, and its structure is shown in the figure.
What are the reasons for the fast and slow idling speed of a 550KW diesel generator? 2021-04-17
Idle speed is a type of operating state of diesel generators, and the unit does not run idling under any load.
Common faults and analysis of voltage transformer of generator set 2021-04-16
Today we will give you a brief introduction to the common faults and analysis problems of voltage transformers of generator sets.
The composition of Volvo generator set automatic air circuit breaker. 2021-04-14
The automatic air circuit breaker of the generator set can frequently turn on and break the circuit and control the operation of the generator set under the normal operation of the unit, and can automatically break the circuit when the circuit is overloaded, short-circuited, or lost voltage. Safe and reliable.
Handling methods for heat generation in phase compound excitation synchronous generators. 2021-04-13
The energy conversion of a synchronous generator is used as the generator's operating power. The mechanical energy is input into the synchronous motor through the motive power machine, and it is driven by the motive power machine to become a generator, which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Its optimal performance requires correct to use it.
Pay attention to these when using diesel and engine oil for Hua Nationwide San Yuchai series generator sets! 2021-04-12
China National Sanyuchai series generator sets occupy a favorable position in the market competition by the advantages of wide power coverage, stable power supply, durability, fuel efficiency, economy, and environmental protection, and are widely used in civilian, marine, and other fields.
What should be paid attention to when ordering diesel generators? 2021-04-09
A diesel generator is a type of AC power supply equipment in a self-supplied power station. It is a small independent power generation equipment that uses an internal combustion engine as a power to drive a synchronous alternator to generate electricity.

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